Impact of patent positioning on successful investment rounds and acquisitions

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  • August 11, 2023
Impact of patent positioning on successful investment rounds and acquisitions

We were thrilled by the incredible turnout and engaging discussions at our IP seminar last Friday (11 Aug) with Mewburn Ellis LLP, specifically focusing on the biotech space. Our esteemed speakers, Dr Adam Gregory and Dr Eliot Ward, are doctorates in the life science fields before becoming patent attorneys, which enables them to better connect with scientists, speak the same language, and craft patents that protect the true value of science.

The speakers shared successful case studies demonstrating how they strategize for Singaporean biotech companies, enabling them to create strong and broad patents that have led to successful investment rounds and acquisitions. The two important keys for such patents are having a clear idea of what your products/methods differentiate from published products/methods and if the investors provide effective cover for your commercial plans.

In today’s ever-evolving biotechnology landscape, the speakers also discussed the unique challenges and possible ways to protect IP in upcoming areas such as microbiome, cell and gene therapies, and incorporation with digital health.

Dr Adam Gregory (Partner, Patent Attorney Life Sciences, Mewburn Ellis)
Dr Eliot Ward (Partner, Attorney Life Sciences, Mewburn Ellis)

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