Advancing drug discovery to new heights with industry-leading technology platforms

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  • July 27, 2023
Advancing drug discovery to new heights with industry-leading technology platforms

Drug discovery can be a highly rewarding but it is also a high-risk business and resource-intensive to identify new molecular entities that is of value in the treatment of diseases. Together with Experimental Drug Development Centre (EDDC) and SGInnovate, co11ab co-organized this seminar to dive into advancing drug discovery with industry-leading technologies.

EDDC’s Academic Research Organization (EARO) presented an array of solutions aimed at aiding researchers in their drug discovery projects. These solutions are tailored by leveraging EDDC’s state-of-the-art platform technologies.

Beside technologies, SGInnovate provided valuable insights into effective strategies for not only managing but also mitigating the inherent risks that come with investing in early-stage companies. The panelists also delved into an array of pertinent subjects such as how to avoid pitfalls when building partnerships and intellectual property strategy.

Through this informative session, bioentrepreneurs gained a deeper understanding of the dynamics involved in early-stage investments and the potential areas with opportunities for funding in the local ecosystem.

Dr Christophe Bodenreider (Director of EARO)
Prof Julien lescar (Co-founder of Singzyme)
Dr Guy Heathers (Co-founder and CBO, Albatroz Therapeutics)
Dr Gergely Toth (Founder and CEO, Cantabio Pharmaceuticals, Inc.)
Hsien-Hui Tong (Executive Director, Investments, SGInnovate)

Co-organizers: EDDC, SGInnovate

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