Impacts of Technology and Startups on Singapore’s Health Innovations

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  • September 21, 2023
Impacts of Technology and Startups on Singapore’s Health Innovations

co11ab Novena (co11ab) is proud to announce an exciting partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) aimed at offering a special startup package to benefit residential companies. This partnership is a step towards fostering a collaborative effort in driving healthcare innovation. The collaboration has already led to a digital health seminar held on 21st September, organized in association with Diagnostics Development Hub (DxD Hub).

During the digital health seminar, various AWS technologies and the Digital Health Accelerator program were discussed, highlighting their potential benefits and applications. The event also showcased the remarkable work of HeHealth, a residential company, which demonstrated the use of generative AI to synthesize data sets, emphasizing the importance of human checking to ensure quality, safety, and relevance.

In the panel discussion, participants witnessed the collaborative efforts of both public and private sectors, working together to drive advancements, acceptance, and adoption of innovative healthcare technologies in Singapore. This reflects a crucial partnership needed to create the necessary supporting pillars for the healthcare technology landscape. One of the key takeaways from the event was the importance of maintaining human involvement in the healthcare innovation process, particularly in the utilization of AI. The principle of “Do good. Do no harm.” was emphasized, emphasizing the need to balance innovation with ethical considerations and adherence to guidelines.

AWS was highlighted as a comprehensive cloud solution provider, equipped with a wide array of AI and ML solutions. AWS can empower healthcare and life sciences businesses with essential tools to harness the full potential of AI and ML, fostering innovation, efficiency, and a competitive edge in today’s digital landscape.

DxD Hub, operating under A*STAR – Agency for Science, Technology and Research, introduced its Digital Health Accelerator program. This program aims to provide funding and expertise to accelerate the productization of healthcare innovations, thereby reducing timelines and addressing regulatory and adoption challenges.

Synapxe, the national HealthTech agency, also shared its efforts in facilitating healthcare innovation. They have launched the HealthX Innovation Sandbox, enabling innovators to fast-track their projects in a safe environment that simulates production environment requirements. Collaborations with AWS and Epic were highlighted to support cloud deployment and provide access to health data for experimentation and validation.

All these collaborations signify the commitment to accelerate advancements and adoption of innovative healthcare technologies. They are instrumental in shaping the future of healthcare in Singapore and beyond.

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